• Information and Technological Solutions (IT Solutions), already prepared and new developed in accordance with the needs and requirements of customers;
  • Intelligent Security Systems and Controls at various levels for public and private organizations and institutions;
  • Systems of Control and Protection of settlements, enterprises, fields, green spaces, important state objects, military bases, bridges, railways, buildings and possessions, organizations, high-risk facilities, etc.
  • Intellectual Systems of Analysis, Reaction to Events and Situation Management;
  • Systems of Observation and Control Systems based on obtaining information from various types of sensors (mechanical, chemical, electrical, video cameras, magnetic, light (solar), acoustic, etc.).
  • Audio and Visual Analysis Systems;
  • Face recognition systems, license plates, digital data, etc.
  • Intelligent Warning Systems for Natural and Technological Disasters and Accidents.
  • Early Warning and Control Systems for Floods and Spills;
  • Traffic and Transport Control Systems. Control Systems for roads, bridges, tunnels, railways, etc.;
  • Systems for public safety and the safety of citizens based on CCTV camera systems and associated Analysis Systems;
  • Systems of Control and Management of water supply, sewerage, electric and gas networks.
  • Systems of Monitoring, Control and Protection of oil pipelines, gas pipelines, power lines, nuclear facilities, hydroelectric power plants, heating plants, etc .;
  • Systems of Control, Security and Protection of Airports and Ports Perimeters;
  • Systems of Control and Protection of Cultural and Historical Objects;

Most Solutions are based on the System of modules (price, technological, territorial, etc.), which allows you to develop any project in stages, in time, in increasing technological requirements and making the necessary changes as it develops.