Business Development
  • Strategic planning for entry into the regional market;
  • Search for business opportunities;
  • Government and Commercial Relations;
  • Sales networks;
  • Project management.
  • Technical and Economic proposals for Investment;
  • Tenders;
  • Investment, Technology, Projects, Commercial, Sales.
Information technology (IT)
  • Information and Technological Solutions (IT Solutions), already prepared and new developed in accordance with the needs and requirements of customers;
  • Intelligent Security Systems and Controls at various levels for public and private organizations and institutions;
  • Systems of Control and Protection of settlements, enterprises, fields, green spaces, important state objects, military … More
Technological Solutions
  • TELECOMMUNICATIONS: Solutions for Optical Transport Networks, …
  • ENERGY: Traditional (conventional), Renewable energy systems (Solar, Eolika, etc.);
  • CARTOGRAPHY, GEODESY, GEOLOGY: Solutions using Drones…
  • HYBRID SYSTEMS: Solutions for Internet of Things, Support for Mining …  More
Software Development
  • Development, Implementation and Adaptation upon the requests and requirements of the Clients.
Information Security
  • Security of networks and information systems;
  • Ciberattack prevention systems;
  • Protection of premises and objects;
  • Network monitoring systems, analysis, protection of network infrastructure against denial of service attacks and traffic anomalies, … More
Representation in the Region
  • Represent your company or company in LATAM countries
  • Assistance in solving legal and other related issues;
  • Assistance in organizing partners and distribution channels for your products;
  • We will help in organizing your business and protect your interests with full responsibility and reliability.
Education and Training
  • Education and Training in collaboration with UNI, Universidad Católica, UPC, INICTEL, Colegio de Ingenieros de Lima, Universidad Nacional del Mar del Plata (Argentina)
Graphic and WEB Design
  • Design and development of web pages, virtual stores, …
  • Design of logos and corporate identity – includes the conceptualization …
  • Design of advertising material – includes the designs of flyers, banners, …
  • Design of application interfaces – includes the conceptualization and design…
  • WordPress, Joomla, etc. … More