We do not give you any Advices. We develop your Business.

RIC&R S.A.C. was found in 2011 in Peru and Dedicate to Business Development, Consulting y Representations other Companies in Peru and in other Countries of LATAM according needs of our Clients.

Methods of our Work, Technologies what we use, Business Development Methodologies, Points of View help us ensure success, what our customers always can reach success and their shot-  medium- and long- range economic objectives and attain goals of their Business.

Reasonable use of Principles, Matrices and Key Factores of the Strategic Planning and Project Management, more modern and advanced models of the Business Development, Responsibility for capital, home, cash, human and material resources of our customers, wide range of the proposed services, deep knowledge of the Region, its national, geopolitical, psychological and economic peculiarities, our skills, control of the regional changes help us work calmly and sensible.

In most countries of the Region we have very good teems. With very hight capacity and professional. We form them for  every projects and solutions which develop.

We understand very good our Mission and Vision, our Values and Principles of Work.

And that is why we say to our Clients

We do not give you any Advices. We develop your Business.

And this is our main proposal and our objective.

Thank You.

Our Values and Standards of Work

Honor and loyalty


Security and Confidential


Exclusiveness and Privacy

Codes of Еthics Insides well elaborates

Transparency for our Clientes

Our Vision

Promote the growth of both financial and technological investments to the countries of Latin America for encourage a real development of the national economies and regional progress in total, the level of technological education, expansion of trade between countries, reduction of digital and technological gaps, increased security for investors and national companies, increase in the quality of the proposed services and, based on this, favor the increase of the quality of life of citizens.

Our mission

Take advantage of the opportunities of our commercial and technological links, staff skills, flexibility and capacity to change the current situation of the environment, our strengths and possibilities, our work methodologies, to ensure the achievement of strategic objectives.

Alexander Vasilyev

Генеральный директор / Предприниматель / Основатель RIC&R S.A.C.


¡OJO! ¡Tecnologías!

A nosotros nos encanta el desarrollo y perspectivas de TIC. ¡Qué palabra fantástica! ¡Solo tres letras! Pero en ellas esta un mundo entero. Un entorno, que abre muchas posibilidades, nuevas vías del desarrollo personal, económico y, pues, moral. Miles y miles especialistas profesionales y aficionados, matemáticos ingenieros, etc. días y noches trabajan sin descansar para realizar sus ideas usando todas, … Read more


We present our new WEB page. Therefore, first of all, we would like to warn everyone that this new WEB page does not have a typical advertising character. This is a Page, an informative material with our proposal for clients who are serious, who have their goals and objectives well formulated and  who understand very clearly what they want.
We work on the basis of well-formulated and formalized demands or requests, what we clarify and fulfill by working together with you. Collaborating with you we can always find a more timely and appropriate solution to your needs. Appropriate to the particularities and requirements of their businesses and their financial and technological possibilities.
We are different from other companies for a thorough knowledge of the issues in which we are busy, for understanding your business, understanding your needs, and the ways in which you can achieve the established objectives. For the ability to correctly combine the technologies and solutions we have at our disposal to develop or create a comprehensive and unique solution. Optimal for its quality and price and that, surely, could satisfy your needs.
We organize our work in an individual way, transparent to our clients and confidentially. Working with us, you have to remember that we always think above all of your reputation and your security both commercially and informatively.
Our regional and national teams are always ready to support you. Starting to work we always got to form a very strong and capable team.
Thank you.


We have and consider as strategic Partners